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Lamplas RTM Light/Vacuum Bagging

RTM Light is a process by which composite products are manufactured using a closed mould system.

The closed mould consists of both an A and B face tool that are sealed using vacuum pressure. Resin is drawn into the cavity under vacuum.

The resin infusion may be assisted by a resin injection pump, which will accelerate the infusion process. Once the part has cured the B face tool is removed and the part is demoulded from the A face tool.

Vacuum Bag Moulding is a modification of hand lay-up, in which the lay-up is completed and placed inside a bag made of flexible film and all edges are sealed.

The bag is then evacuated, so that the pressure eliminates voids in the laminate, forcing excess air and resin from the mould.

By increasing external pressure, a higher glass concentration can be obtained, as well as better adhesion between the layers/plies of laminate.

This vacuum consolidation method produces high-quality mouldings, with complete exclusion of air bubbles and improvement to the inner surface of the moulding, which is not in contact with the mould. The controlled curing conditions also improve quality and consistency and allow superior resin systems to be used, while opening the way to a more rapid cure with faster turn round of moulds.

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