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Solid Surface Casting Process

An overview of our casting process

Preparation Stage

Mould tools are cleaned and checked for any damage.

Select Recipe

Respecta Mixing Machine

Correct recipe is selected on the machine.

Casting into mould

Casting a Bath

Material is cast into the mould tool cavity.

Casting a basin

Casting a Basin

Same process applies for all components.


De-Mould B Face

Moulds are un-bolted and B face removed.

De-mould part

Remove The Component

Using air and a lifting system, the part is removed from the A face

Trim component

Trim and Sand Flash Lines

Trim all joint lines and fill point, drill any holes.

Bath polishing

Platinum Finish Bath Polishing

Metal finish baths require lots of sanding and polishing to achieve a fine finish.

Bath polishing

Brass Finish Bath Polishing

Metal finishes include Brass, Copper, Platinum.

Bath polishing

White Gloss Bath Polishing

White components are cast in 100% solid surface material.

White matt finish

White Matt Basin

Components can be finished in a matt or satin matt finish, depending on the type of use

Gloss finish polishing

White Gloss Basin

A high gloss finish can be achieved using the correct fillers and pigments

Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

Once the component has been finished, it is signed off and ready for packing.

Dedicated packaging

Dedicated Packaging

Components are packed in dedicated boxes ready for dispatch.

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