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Lamplas Spray Lay Up

Spray Lay Up is an open moulded process where resin and chopped strand matt are sprayed directly onto the gel coated mould.

The gel coat is usually sprayed directly onto the mould and once cured critical areas or joins are brushed in to prevent thin gel.

Catalyzed resin and glass fibre strands are then sprayed directly onto the mould.

Productions operators then consolidate the laminate using paddle rollers and brushes, reinforements can also be added like corematts or woven rovens.

Spray layup is normally used when a high volume of components are required on a regular basis and is what we use on all of our production runs for caravan holiday home and motorhome.

Tooling is a low investment as only the A face mould tool is required, the rougher rear glass finish is normally not seen.

Large complex mouldings can also be created by using multi-part tooling.

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