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Our Glassfibre & Solid Surface Moulding Services

Our development team support our customers from initial concepts through to the development of designs.

Utilising CAD software we can work with 2d or 3d data.

Lamplas will work closely with you at the design stage, to help develop your ideas into manufacturable components.

Concepts and designs can be developed into models and patterns from 2D drawings or 3D CAD data.

We can produce patterns made by the traditional hand method, or cut by CNC for more complicated and accurate shapes.

Working closely with you, we will transform your ideas into cost efficient solutions.

Tooling is developed from master patterns suitable for the chosen production process.

From basic open mould spray-up tools, to complex RTM & solid surface closed mould tooling.

We will work with you and look at the most cost effective solution for your product.

Working closely with our customers to translate designs through robust product development, into high quality finished products.

With experienced product management support, projects are delivered on time, to budget and to agreed quality standards.

Glassfibre composite moulding processes include hand-lay, spray-up, RTM closed mould.

A flexible service giving the customer a choice of the most suitable process for any given project.

We design, develop and manufacture domestic & commercial solid surface cast products.

Solid surface is manufactured with a unique recipe of fillers and resins, as it has the same structure throughout, it can be easily repaired if damaged.

With its supply partners, Lamplas provide high specification thermoplastic and thermoset components.

From washing up bowls and chopping boards to high volume inspection hatches and shower roofs.

A full assembly service provides added value for the customer.

Components can be taken straight from stillages to be fitted immediately as complete assemblies.

Typical assemblies include, decals, lights, locks, plumbing, trims, wiring etc.

Aftersales is very important to us and gives our customers, distributors and end users the back up and service they need.

Utilising Lamplas service engineers and service partners, we can visit on site or at home wherever convenient.

Get in touch if you have a project you would like us to look at, or for more information about working with Lamplas.